ASJ Designs aspires to use their expertise in digital marketing and web design to help the community. Helping the community isn’t done by working at a large, global, organization. It’s done by helping the people that are apart of the community – the people that are running their family-owned businesses, the new business owners, local churches, nonprofit organizations. We aim to help the people that’s time is much better spent interacting with, and helping, their customers. You know, the customers they know by name because of how much gratitude they have for every person that walks through their door.
By removing a massive responsibility the digital era has bestowed upon small business owners, those business owners are able to have a much greater impact on their community. We take great pride in the ripple-effect that comes with working with our customers, it’s absolutely inspiring. With the inspiration our clients give us, we are able to inspire others on their behalf.

The story behind your small business is a story that deserves to be told. You have put so much energy and care into your business, and your story helps your customers see the passion you have for your brand. We help you articulate what you lived, experienced, and were inspired by – instilling trust in your customers and forming a lasting connection with them.


You have a business to run, our mission is to help small businesses establish, and maintain a professional online presence with a modern website optimized for today's world.

Arlen Jenks (RJ) Owner, ASJ Designs LLC

Gorgeous design.

Exceptional quality.

ASJ Designs builds your online credibility, from a search algorithm-perspective, by optimizing SEO with their expert website content creation.

At ASJ Designs, we can handle every aspect of web design, website hosting, and domain registry you could possibly need help with. Delegate your online brand-building to us, and gift yourself time to be able to focus your energy where it matters most – running your small business and making an impact on your community.

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